Year in Review 2018 and Look ahead to 2019 – Trending In Education – Episode 154

Mike, Dan, and Brandon kick off our review by discussing our favorite episodes and topics covered throughout the year. We touch on some of the great guests we’ve had on the show and some of the predictions we made that came true (e.g., Kidsolving). We then catch up with friend of the show, Matt Cooper, CEO of Skillshare. We explore what trends might have emerged since last we spoke. Matt talks about the gig economy, his vision for digital learning, and more. Next, we bring back one of the great teachers we spoke to back in May as part of National Teachers Week. UNC Charlotte Philosophy Professor Mark Sanders discusses civic engagement around the 2018 elections and what he sees as challenges in keeping individuals active in government. Mark also touches on some trends he’s seeing in higher education and what’s in store for 2019. And we round out this episode talking with Samantha Jeklinksi, our 2018 March Madness listener bracket winner! Samantha showed us she has some trendspotting mojo by picking 15/16 correct in our yearly March Madness extravaganza. Listen in to hear what’s on Samantha’s radar in 2019. We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and look forward to great things to come in 2019. Here’s to continuing to get our learn on and having some fun while we do it!

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