Record the road with this audio-enabled front and rear dashcam

TL;DR: As of August 8, you can get the Blackbox Dash Cam and Rear Camera for just $44.99 instead of $119.99 — that’s a 62% discount.

A lot of wild stuff can happen while you’re driving. If something goes wrong, you likely want as much evidence that you’re not at fault as you can get, or at least you may want a video to see exactly what happened. For that, a dash cam might be helpful. The Blackbox HD Dash Cam and Rear Camera is a wide-angle dash cam with its own internal storage, and it may even help you park. This intuitive dash cam is on sale for a limited time for $44.99, normally sold for $119. 

Record what happens on the road 

There are myriad reasons to have a dash cam installed in your car, and they aren’t all to prove your innocence in case you’re involved in an accident. When someone drives by blasting a song you can’t quite put a finger on, the Blackbox’s built-in audio recording system may have captured it so you can go home and realize Maroon 5’s “One More Night” still hits.

And yes, in case of an accident, the seamless loop recording can capture a constant feed that’s only recorded over when all 32GB of local storage is full. This dash cam set can also help keep you informed about what’s going on behind your car. About 29% of car accidents are rear-end collisions. Even if you’re responsible with your rearview mirror, you can’t always see everything going on behind you. Stay informed with the included rearview camera to cover your back-end blindspot. If something happens, it might be useful to prove it’s not your fault. Or, if you need a little assistance when you’re parking, you can use the built-in parking assist system, accessible through the four-inch multi-language display. 


Save on a dash cam that has your back (and front)


Whether you’re trying to preempt any accidents or just get a better view of your parking situation, an HD view could be a huge help. For a limited time, save 62% on a Blackbox Dash Cam and Rear Camera, on sale for $44.99 (Reg. $119). 

Prices subject to change.

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1 year ago

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