WWE Supercard Season 9 arrives with three new tiers: Octane, Extinction and Pixel

The hugely popular card battle game for Android and iOS, WWE Supercard, gets its new season today, with three new tiers and a stack of new features.

The yearly season update will be available will be available later after a planned maintenance break starting at 9am PST (US East Coast time). Previous years updates have taken at least a couple of hours to complete, so we expect the same again.

You will likely also have to update the app itself (if your phone/tablet doesn’t do it automatically) as there are some key changes coming to the game.

The three new tiers will be Octane, Extinction and Pixel, while Season 9 will also introduce a new game mode: Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC). It tasks you to find an opponent’s three different game pieces (a table, ladder and chair) before they find yours.


There will also be commentary from WWE host Michael Cole, plus new Special Equipment that will provide extra stat boosts to specific cards, and Announcer Cards to add further customisation to your game.

Watch Parties return, so you can earn rewards through making correct predictions during actual WWE live events. However, if anything like last season’s version, those in the UK and Europe may struggle to take part in them considering the timezones.

WWE Supercard is a free game to download and play. It requires a minimum of iOS 12 or Android 5 to run. Faster devices are capable of running the game in up to 60fps.

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