Withstanding the Online Learning Backlash with Karen Costa

Karen Costa is a faculty learning facilitator specializing in online pedagogy and trauma-aware higher education. Karen loves leading faculty learners through fun, interactive, and supportive professional development experiences. She joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the recent backlash against Online Learning.

From there we get into the work. Karen’s works with educators at 100Faculty.com and also helps organizations become “trauma-aware” in these challenging times. She shares what it’s like to be an advocate for learners and educators trying to make a difference these days. Karen also provides some tips on avoiding burnout and taking care of yourself. We conclude by exploring how to be inclusive of folks who embrace remote work while broadening the understanding of who might be learning through online programs and beyond. Karen recommends the book Minds Online by Michelle D. Miller along the way.


It’s a thought-provoking conversation you don’t want to miss!

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