Why You Should Focus on Esports – Experts Share Advice

The more than $1 billion esports industry has exploded in the past few years and colleges have seen its potential both in gaming and career development. For school and district leaders who look to – support student athletes, prepare students for the multitude of careers esports has created and easily outfit an eSports arena for their students’ use – this webinar has it all.

Join us on Feb. 15th as Remi Del Mar, senior product manager for K-12 projectors, Epson America, Inc. hosts a live Q&A with experts already focused on esports:

• Nick Swayne, of James Madison University in Virginia, which is contemplating new degree options focusing on esports and how high school students can prepare


• Ryan Serrano, Fresno State Coach and Jonathen Marin, Fresno State esports Athlete in California will discuss how to create a successful esports program through hard work and utilizing the right technologies.

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