What’s the Deal with IQ? – Trending In Education – Episode 192

As IQ has been thrust into the mainstream news with folks measuring each other based on obscure psychometric quotients, we take some time to look at what it’s supposed to represent and what exactly can be understood by this number. We touch on Howard Gardner’s work on multiple intelligences and raise some questions about whether IQ is an idea past its prime. 

What value do we get from IQ numbers and is it something that is fixed or changes over time? We explore the weaponization of IQ and the downside of pigeon-holing someone based on their IQ. How do EQ (Emotional Quotient) and AQ (Adaptability or Adversity Quotient) relate to IQ and which quotient(s) are most germane to life in our modern world? How does the math behind IQ, (your mental age over your actual age) remind us that life-long learning truly is important? 


We discuss all these things and more on our latest episode. Listen up and enjoy!

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