What is Apple Music Sing? The karaoke feature explained

Apple Music is turning its live lyrics feature into a full-on karaoke experience for your living room. But what is Apple Music Sing and how does it work?

Apple Music Sing is a new feature for Apple Music subscribers only and it’s launching worldwide later this month for iPhone, iPad and the new Apple TV 4K. All in all it sounds perfect for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

Apple is promising the feature will offer real-time lyrics with adjustable vocal levels, easily distinguished background vocals and a duet mode that’ll let you bust out Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us with a partner of your choice.

How does Apple Music Sing Work?

Apple hasn’t explained precisely how this will work, but it appears the feature will live within the main Apple Music app’s lyrics experience. In a Newsroom post, Apple intimates the feature will be fully compatible with the entire Apple Music library.

When the Sing mode is enabled users will see a microphone volume on the display, which will enable them to adjust the levels of the artists lead vocals, enabling the user to effectively become the lead singer.

There’ll also be a lot of playlists launching with the feature, which sounds perfect for a night around the telly with a few adult beverages.


“Apple Music will also be launching a suite of more than 50 dedicated companion playlists featuring all of the epic songs, duets, choruses, and anthems that have been compelling people all around the world to sing — fully optimised for the Apple Music Sing experience,” the company says.

Which devices will Apple Music Sing work on?


Apple says all compatible iPhone and iPad models, but doesn’t say which ones. We have asked the company for clarification, but a good assumption would be any device capable of running iOS 16 or iPadOS 16.1.

It’s not clear why only the new Apple TV 4K will offer the feature. Again, we have requested clarification from Apple.

Does Apple Music Sing work with the Voice plan?

No, you’ll need a full Apple Music subscription to access the otherwise free Sing feature.

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