What Can We Learn from Spelling Bees and Octochamps? – Trending in Education – Extra

Octochamps? Octochamps! This year’s Scripps Spelling Bee finished in an eight way tie. We discuss the fallout from the way it all ended and attempt to conjure up new innovations to the Spelling Bee and to Bees in general. We hit on some of the history of the National Bee along the way..

What went wrong at this year’s spelling be too cause an eight way tie? How has spelling bee prep changed the game for some of the brightest spellers in the country? Would a few simple tweaks to the rules and preparation help change the results? 


We conclude by musing over whether it’s it time to ditch the Spelling Bee and replace it with a multievent Beecathalon? 

Tune in for all that and more. You’ll be gladiolus you did!

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