Voting with A Porpoise – Civics, Citizenship, and Early Childhood Development – Trending In Education – Episode 174

Dan and Mike chat with Russell Glass, co-author of Voting with a Porpoise. Voting with a Porpoise is a new children’s book focused on fostering a discussion around civic engagement and voting with younger kids. The authors describe the purpose of the book as: to help change the culture around elections and voting. To that end, 100 percent of the profits for Voting With a Porpoise will be donated to 501(c)(3) non-partisan voting-related causes focused on getting more people of all backgrounds to the polls, such as Rock the Vote,, TurboVote, and others. We talk to Russell about his own background and drive to write this children’s story. He discusses his own experiences with voting and his family which helped shape his desire to join this conversation. How did he and co-author Sean Callahan decide on marine animals as the focus? How hard was it to land on a rhyming meter that worked? What are the long term goals for the book? Will Petey the Porpoise swim into our lives in a sequel? All that and a great podcast pun awaits you on this land and sea adventure.

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