Three Emerging Trends for the Summer of 2022

Mike Palmer hosts a virtual panel with Ruth, Malcolm, and Nancy rejoining the show as we gear up for the Summer of 2022. Mike shares the three trends he’s looking at across all sectors and cuts of the learning ecosystem before digging in with each of his cohosts in their areas of focus.

Ruth shares the recent Forbes article on rising tuition prices at top universities as we explore how higher education is being challenged and disrupted coming out of the pandemic. We also dig into building a learning culture and new, emerging models of blends and partnerships with higher ed and the private sector. Malcolm and Mike talk about early childhood using Mike’s experiences as a ray of hope despite how the culture wars and other perils impinge on our understanding of how we educate the rising generations.

We conclude with Nancy and Mike riffing on the impact of AI, Web 3, and our current crisis of trust with technology. Don’t miss it!


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Photo by Vladislav Glukhotko on Unsplash

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