These $12 Sengled Smart Bulbs are one of the best Black Friday deals you’ll find this year

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Every year, color-changing smart lightbulbs from Sengled prove to be one of to be a popular products with our readers. 

The average price for a single bulb from Sengled is $14.99, which is already significantly cheaper than popular color-changing bulbs from big names like Philips which usually cost north of $50 per bulb. During Black Friday, the price has dipped even lower at $11.99 per a single bulb.

While during previous deal days we’ve seen discounts on four-packs and 10-packs, so far the single option offers the best price per bulb.


The Sengled bulbs work with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, so you can control them with voice commands on any Alexa-powered device, like Amazon’s Echo Dot. They’re dimmable with a maximum brightness of 800 lumens and you can change the light’s temperature from a warm 2000K yellow tint to a cooler blue tint up to 6500K. You can also set up routines and schedules for lights to turn on or off, change color, and change temperature.

If you prefer controlling the bulbs in a more conventional way, you can use the mobile app, or toggle them on or off via an included remote. 

No matter how you intend to use them, Sengled’s bulbs offer an incredibly economic way of adding several smart color-changing bulbs to your home. And Black Friday 2022 is the best time to snag a deal and give them a try.

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