The Futures of Higher Education with Bryan Alexander, Author of Academia Next

This week Mike engages with noted author, speaker, and futurist, Bryan Alexander to discuss the challenges and potential futures emerging for higher education focusing on the US. Bryan has recently authored a book called Academia Next in which he explores trends and describes multiple possible futures for the higher ed ecosystem.

What are the threats that are emerging to the traditional model of higher education in the US? How do adjuncts fit into the picture? Is Clayton Christensen’s concept of The Innovator’s Dilemma relevant to the future of higher education or are there reasons why it doesn’t apply?


We explore all of these questions and get Bryan to describe several of his possible futures during a free-flowing and imaginative conversation about where the world of higher education is heading. And we also talk a bit about science fiction for good measure.

In all, we got a lot out of the conversation and hope you find value in listening.

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