The Future of Learning Virtual Summit with Rohit Barghava

Trending in Education partnered with Rohit Barghava and the Non-Obvious Company to host a Virtual Summit on the Future of Learning which we’re releasing as today’s episode. Join Rohit, Melissa Griffith, Dan Strafford, and Mike Palmer as we discuss what the future might hold for parents, learning professionals, and lifelong learners. In a wide-ranging conversation, we explore how our behavior patterns around learning and life have change in response to Covid-19 and how these pivots will likely play forward in the coming months and years.

What do we make of the distinction between learning and education? How will we navigate this unprecedented wave of disruption? As digital learning moves to the foreground, how will we understand the role of higher education, K12 education, home schooling, and online learning? How should we think about digital equity and digital inclusion? And what might things look like as we imagine a post-pandemic world?


We cover all of this and more in a fascinating discussion that we hope you enjoy.

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