The Final Season of Game of Thrones and Learning – Trending in Education – Episode 172

In this episode, we dive into the edutainment value of Game of Thrones as we gear up for the final season of the show which debuts in just a few weeks. We discuss how GoT provides good foundations for political science, leadership and management, language learning, and even epidemiology curricula. What are the advantages of using timely, relevant entertainment content when designing instruction? How has Bruce Craven of Columbia University incorporated the blockbuster HBO show and George RR Martin novels into a popular leadership and management course. Can we learn from the leadership styles of the characters in this story or is designing lesson plans around GoT the instructional equivalent of clickbait? Do popular narratives like this series provide learners with hooks to which they can affix new learning or do they add too much distraction and cognitive load that interfere with learning? Then we dig into a fascinating Smithsonian article about Australian epidemiologists who are predicting the outcomes of the final season using best practices in their field. What do gender, highbornness, even silk versus boiled-leather-collar jobs increase or decrease the likelihood of a character’s demise on the show? How does the development of an entire world, full of culture, languages, and more, change the way we interact and learn and how is this all reminiscent of JRR Tolkien’s classic The Lord of the Rings? Is the Song of Ice and Fire an elaborate pro-literacy vehicle? Listen in to hear all of this and get some early takes on the upcoming zeitgeisty media phenomenon that will coincide with the final season of this epic show. Is this the end of appointment television? What’s next for this media and entertainment juggernaut? How should learners and educators engage or find JOMO in this phenomenon? We explore all of this and set up for our sister show, The Citadel, which will launch with the premier of Game of Thrones Season 8 in mid April. As they say in Westeros, Winter is here! 

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