The Coronavirus Cancels SXSW (and Our Live Show!)

Melissa, Dan, and Mike regroup to discuss the cancellation of SXSW which hit us close to home at Trending in Education. We were planning to head to Austin to record a live podcast episode for SXSW EDU but were thwarted by the cancellation of SXSW by Steve Adler, the Mayor of Austin.

How are we holding up in light of the cancellation? What does this signal about the response to the virus? What can conferences, cities, companies, and educational institutions do to maintain public health and safety while retaining what we value in our lives and lifestyles.

We work through our grieving process and explore how we can continue to cover the trends and transformations that may be driven by the unprecedented response to Covid-19.


And be on the lookout for more on this as we bring in more experts to understand the impact on education as an increasing number of schools are canceling classes and/or moving them offline. The world has changed fast and we’ll be here to track it with you. As Mike says in the show, “If we stop podcasting due to this, the coronavirus wins!” So we’ll keep podding. And we’re hoping you’ll keep listening and begin to spread the word.

As the World Health Organization officially declares Covid-19 a pandemic, thanks again for listening to our podcast which is both safe and most likely good for you! Be safe out there.

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