The Citadel – Final Season Premiere – Trending in Education Game of Thrones Extra

We’re back! Your friends at Trending in Education are relaunching our Game of Thrones breakdown show, aka The Citadel, to coincide with the final season of the legendary television series. Be forewarned, we discuss numerous details of the show so if you’re not a GoT fan or if you haven’t seen the premiere of Season 8, steer clear for fear of spoilage. This week, Brandon and Mike are joined by friend of the show, Frank Jones, to discuss the intricacies of Season 8, Episode 1, Winterfell. In addition, we make predictions about what will happen next as the narrative arc of the show enters into the end game. If you want to get the lowdown on the first episode and begin to flex your predictive prowess forecasting the rest of the final season, listen in and enjoy!

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