The Citadel – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – Trending in Education Game of Thrones Extra

Our second Episode of The Citadel breaks down Episode 2 of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.” Be forewarned, we discuss numerous details of the show so if you’re not a GoT fan or if you haven’t seen the second episode of Season 8, steer clear for fear of spoilage. This week we dive into the details of the episode that sets us up for the big battle of Winterfell that seems to be imminent heading into Episode 3. What was the significance of Jenny’s Song? What happens now that Jon Snow revealed his news to Daenerys? Which characters are most likely to leave us next episode and what’s the “over/under” on major character deaths in Episode 3? How did Episode 2 and the season overall thus far deliver against expectations? What’s coming next in what is purported to be the most legendary battle sequence in television history? Have a listen to this show to find out all this and much more on this week’s installment of The Citadel. 

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