The Augmented Reality Megatrend with Evan Gappelberg, CEO NexTech AR Solutions

Evan Gappelberg, the Founder and CEO of NexTech AR Solutions, joins us this week to dive into the emerging megatrend of augmented reality (or AR). Evan describes how NexTech AR Solutions was formed and how it went public as the first publicly traded pure AR play.

We then explore how the pandemic response has led to unprecedented growth both in AR and specifically in its educational applications. Evan outlines the recent work NexTech has done with Ryerson University as activities like lab session and other learning interventions have benefitted from use of their Augmented Reality as a Service platform ARitize.


Mike picks Evans brain about new and emerging trends to be on the lookout for as we think through the instructional design opportunities that come with new technologies like Augmented Reality.

Come join us for an imaginative ride on this week’s cutting edge episode!

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