The 2019 Meeker Report and Education & Learning

We revisit the Meeker report after our high-level discussion last week, to drill down on Mary Meeker’s outlook for education and online education throughout the world. The world is changing at an ever increasing pace. How is online education attempting to keep up? 

We take a look at the intersection of public and private partnerships with MOOCs. Have MOOCs made the move up the Gartner Hype Cycles’ Plateau of Productivity? As more colleges and universities move online, have we solved for the proper credentialing of future students? Are these schools moving their brick and mortar curriculum online properly and what should students and life-long learners be aware of as they seek out learning tools? Finally, how does a player like YouTube influence the space and what might their own platform look like in the future?


We discuss all that and more on our latest. Tune in and join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook @TrendingInEd. 

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