Thank You For Registering Part 2: How Sharing Unlocks the True Power of Your Teachers’ and Students’ Video Creations

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Educator-focused video creation technology has changed the game for content distribution, helping districts knock down content silos and facilitate better communication with students, families, and even colleagues.

In this session, we discuss how facilitating video content sharing has also revolutionized the way students interact with each other, how it can facilitate new methods of learning that promote confidence building in a safe environment, and create more transparency for parents and teachers into students’ learning and comprehension. We also discuss the most important features and functionality necessary to keep the content — and its creators — secure.

Join a panel of educators and edtech experts to learn how making the sharing of video content simple for teachers and students will turn their creations into high-impact learning assets while maintaining a safe and secure learning environment.


In this webinar, you’ll learn how sharing asynchronous video:

Knocks down barriers between your teachers and students in any classroom environment
Gives parents and families more visibility into their students’ successes
Offers a simple and secure solution to provide secure spaces for students to grow
The must-have functions that will keep teachers and students creating safely

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