Talking SEL Day and More with Urban Assembly CEO David Adams

David Adams was recently named the CEO of The Urban Assembly, a non-profit organization working to advance students’ economic and social mobility by improving public education. David joins Mike Palmer to talk about the importance of Social Emotional Learning heading into SEL Day on Friday, March 26th.

We dive into how awareness of the importance of SEL has been heightened in light of the pandemic and other challenges we’ve faced in the past year and how that provides an opportunity to focus on the skills that help students graduate “college, career and community ready.” We also explore how screening for gifted and talented programs can move the problems of public education around without addressing the fundamental challenges of providing the rich and supportive learning environments to all students, including special education students, english language learners, first-generation students and more.


David talks through the impressive results we’ve seen at the UA schools in New York City and shares his vision for his schools, for education in New York City and for ways to elevate awareness of the benefits of good SEL education and career-aligned community-based education..

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