Supply The Single Edge Pro + Razor Stand shaving set gives you the fresh look you deserve

Master the way you look with the Supply The Single Edge Pro + Razor Stand shaving set. Truly taking your shave to the next level, it promotes the art of single-blade shaving. Without compromising your shave, it has a sleek design with a discreet Shave Dial. This convenient dial lets you customize your shave to your liking. In fact, its Shave Dial gives you easy access to 30 shave settings. Overall, it has 6 primary settings that allow for 30 micro-settings altogether. So you can get the exact shave you want with your preferences and specifications in mind. Your face and beard is unlike any other, so you need a personalized cut. Furthermore, it has just a .7 mm difference between settings 1 and 6, and all 30 micro-settings differ by hundredths of a millimeter. This  means you truly get a precise shave.


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