Running It Back – Magic Announces He Has HIV – Bonus Content

We open with a quick note on the Jacob Blake incident in Wisconsin and the ripple effects across our culture. It’s something we’ll continue to cover.

Then, in this bonus episode from the soon-to-launch podcast, Running It Back, we transport ourselves back to November 7th, 1991 when Magic Johnson first announced that he had HIV.


How do Tarlin and Mike remember this flashbulb event? What lessons can we learn from Magic’s approach to sharing the news and leaning into his fight against the virus? How does this tie to COVID-19 and the NBA’s design for life in the Bubble in Orlando? And who was on the dais with Magic when he had to share his difficult news?

We answer all of this on today’s show. And if you like what you’re hearing, follow us on twitter and keep an eye on as we gear up to launch Running It Back later in September.

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