Raon Golf Sunday Sling cross-body golf bag distributes the load evenly across your body

Carry your clubs in a better way when you have the Raon Golf Sunday Sling cross-body golf bag. With a messenger-style carry method, it distributes the load of the bag evenly across your body. In fact, it moves the center of gravity up and closer to your true center, allowing your legs and hips to rotate and walk freely and naturally. Designed for the minimalist golfer or a quick 9 holes, this made-in-the-USA product uses X-Pac sailcloth from Dimension-Polyant in Connecticut. Meant for the golfer looking to carry only the essentials, it has a fast and light design. Moreover, with a compact and lightweight design, it can carry up to 10 clubs. Additionally, it has a small manual kickstand to keep it dry off the ground. Not only that, but it also has a waterproof rain cover for golfing on a drizzly morning.


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