Race, Sports History, and What’s Happening in Education with Dr. Louis Moore

Dr. Louis Moore is a Professor of History at Grand Valley State University and the author of We Will Win the Day: The Civil Rights Movement, the Black Athlete, and the Quest for Equality. He’s also the host of The Black Athlete podcast and an excellent follow on Twitter. Lou joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the history of race and sports in the US.

In a wide-ranging conversation that touches on current issues while connecting them back to lessons from history, we dig into the role of Black Athletes in the civil rights movement in the US from 1945-1968, the subject matter of We Will Win the Day. We connect that history to emerging stories of the day including Brian Flores’ class-action suit against the NFL.

Then we conclude by getting Lou’s takes on what it’s like teaching through the pandemic and also raising his kids in these challenging times.


It’s a relevant, authentic, and candid conversation that you won’t want to miss.

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