Puzzle Feeder slower dog feeder helps pups avoid digestive problems, obesity, and bloat

Help your dog stay healthy when you use the Puzzle Feeder slower dog feeder to feed them meals. Designed to help Fido change their eating habits, it can actually help dogs avoid digestive problems, obesity, and bloat. Because bloating generally results from eating too fast, this slow feeder is a great solution. Made with plant-based materials, this feeder reduces the carbon emissions caused by the incineration of wheat stalk. Additionally, this feeding tool uses a unique Broken Wave slowing structure in which the measurements of the slowing portion are based on the size of the dog’s tongue. Overall, it is deeper, narrower, and more complicated than the regular slow feeder. It not only helps you feed your pet slower but also trains them to develop healthy eating habits. The Broken Wave design lets you easily dump food residue and wash the slowing mat by hand or in the dishwasher.


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