Psychological Safety and the Importance of Culture with Dr. Timothy Clark

Dr. Timothy R. Clark is founder and CEO of LeaderFactor, a training, consulting, coaching, and assessment organization that focuses on leadership development, organizational change, strategic agility, psychological safety, and emotional intelligence. He is the developer of the EQometer assessment and The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety training program.

Tim joins Mike Palmer to talk about the role psychological safety plays in developing strong cultures. He walks us through the four stages of psychological safety and helps us understand how we can begin to build vibrant cultures that model and reward vulnerability. Tim describes how ultimately psychological safety results in a culture that allows for and encourages challenging of the status quo – a trait that’s essential to flourishing in these turbulent times. We conclude by exploring the concept of a toxic culture, seeing how widespread toxicity is and providing some ways of identifying and addressing it when we see it.


It’s a rich and vibrant conversation about building healthy cultures. We hope you enjoy.

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