Please take the Ars Reader Survey, 2022 edition

Enlarge / Cyber man in chrome armor writing answers on a survey while floating on a cyberspace grid, 3D Render, Detailed Render. (credit: Aurich Lawson, DiffusionBee)

Friends, Romans, denizens, lend me your… votes on this survey! It’s been a few years, but the Ars Reader Survey is back to gauge your thoughts on the work we do and the ways we can do it better. This feedback is crucial to how we operate here at Ars; indeed, when thousands of you take the time to complete these surveys, we’d be fools not to take the results seriously.

We would really love a broad cross-section of reader responses. Longtime readers—you know us best, and we love you! But readers without accounts, lurkers, casual visitors—we also want to hear from you.

The survey isn’t long. I suspect most of you will knock it out in under five minutes. We’re asking about content formats, sections of the site, new features you might like to see, community initiatives, and more.

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