Part 1: How You Can Empower the Teachers and Students as Creators with Video

Teachers and students create a wide range of educational content on a daily basis. But to tap into their best inner creator, they need the right tools.

Video creation technology has become a permanent staple in the classroom. In the TikTok, Instagram Video and Snapchat era, video has also provided the perfect medium to encourage and empower intuitive content creation in classroom environments. More schools and districts are discovering the impact that video has for every student and teacher, from the first-time video creator to the power user.

Join a panel of educators and edtech experts to learn how video has evolved into a K-12 powerhouse, and why it’s the best solution to help teachers create rich learning experiences in any classroom environment and build student confidence.


In this webinar, you’ll learn how asynchronous video:

Lets teachers instantly see content completion, participation and understanding
Enables students to rewatch content on their own time and pace
And learn the must-have features and why video will continue to be the key to future educational success

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