Music and Learning – Trending in Education – Episode 146

On this week’s episode, we explore the complex and multifaceted relationships between music and learning. Mike and Brandon kick off the conversation talking about their own experiences with music and learning while exploring some common myths and misconceptions relating to this topic. Then we introduce a new contributor to the pod, Ken Florence. Ken’s a composer, musician, and music teacher from NYC who will be adding new sound to our pods beginning with this episode. Ken talks briefly about how learning music changed the way he learned other subjects. We’ll dig in further with Ken during an extra later this week. As we add new music and sound over the course of this week and in upcoming episodes, we’d love to hear more from our listeners regarding what you like about the sound and what you’d like us to continue to improve on in future shows. With that, we’d like to welcome Ken to our crew and hope you continue to enjoy listening.

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