Make to Know with Author Lorne Buchman

Lorne Buchman is the President of ArtCenter College of Design and Host of the ChangeLab Podcast. He’s also the author of a new book called Make To Know: From Spaces of Uncertainty to Creative Discovery. Lorne returns to join host Mike Palmer in an exploration of the themes in his new book and its relevance to the world of education and beyond.

Lorne begins by explaining how many of the notions of artistic genius and vision are myths that can be limiting to those learning to engage in creative endeavors. In many cases, rather than delivering on a preconceived vision, creators enter into a space of uncertainty to engage in the making process to discover what they’re trying to express. Using examples ranging from writers to visual artists, songwriters to architects, we learn about the components of the make to know experience that are shared across the varied fields of creative expression.


We conclude by looking for lessons from Make to Know that apply to leadership and education with references to the Beatles’ Get Back documentary and the building of traffic roundabouts in an engaging exploration into creativity and the act of making things.

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