LinkedIn’s 29 Big Ideas for 2022 with Dan Strafford and Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer is rejoined by Founding Member of the Trending in Ed team, Dan Strafford with a special appearance by Nancy, the show’s Virtual CoHost, as we dive into a recent LinkedIn News article on The 29 Big Ideas that will Change 2022. We take some time to reflect on the professional networking platform and its role in our lives before providing hot takes and incisive analysis on many of the trends outlined in the article.

In a rapid-fire lightning round format, we talk about Web3, the Metaverse, Mental Health, Multidimensional Diversity, Vaccines, and more! Then we conclude with some perspective on vulnerable, authentic kindness and optimism as embodied by Ted Lasso in a whirlwind spin through what’s new and zeitgeisty as we gear up to turn the corner into 2022.


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