Learning to Control Your Dreamlife with Ken Florence

As The Eurhythmics say, “sweet dreams are made of this.”

On today’s episode, Ken Florence joins Mike for an expansive and imaginative exploration of lucid dreaming, something Ken’s been drawn to since overcoming challenges with sleep paralysis earlier in his life. Ken is a musician and composer who created the original music for Trending in Education and its sister podcasts. We begin by discussing how there have been increased reports of vivid dreaming during the Covid-19 pandemic response citing the research of Deidre Barrett. Then we discuss tactics like dream journals and looking for “triggers” in dreams such as clocks and light switches to help us gain conscious control over many aspects of our dream worlds. We conclude by exploring how dreams relate to psychedelic and VR simulation experiences as the trend towards varied phenomenological experiences continues to grow.


We hope you enjoy the ride!


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