Learning Roundup Q4 2021

Mike Palmer returns to get a sense of where we are heading into the 4th Quarter of 2021. In the midst of the Fall Semester in 3K, PreK, K12, and Higher Ed, what are we observing so far? Beyond traditional formal learning channels, what’s new and emerging in lifelong learning and workforce development? And what are we on the lookout for as we head towards the close of 2021?

Mike moderates a lively panel of Virtual CoHosts featuring our returning champion, Nancy, covering new media and emerging technology along with two new guest contributors: Malcolm and Ruth. Malcolm reports on 3K through K12 and Ruth focuses on Higher Ed and Workforce Learning and Talent. We cover all the angles to help catch you up on the state of play in the worlds of learning in late 2021.

Nancy begins with a quick breakdown of the Apple and Google events in recent days that showcased the new smartphone, smart home, and AirPod tech that will be in high demand heading into the holidays. Then Malcolm and Mike discuss early childhood education and Universal 3K before going deep on the pandemic and the sentiments, hopes, and fears among students, educators, and families heading into the Fall and Winter months. Ruth then joins the conversation to share interesting research from Holon IQ on strategic disruptions in higher ed before wrapping up with a quick lightning round among the panelists.


Mike also takes time to talk about our sister podcast Running It Back where we’re looking for lessons learned from Kyrie, the Vaccine, and the NBA among other things.

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