Learning Analytics in Education – Trending In Education – Episode 137

This week, Mike and Brandon are joined by David Niemi, Kaplan’s VP of Measurement and Larry Rudman, Kaplan’s VP of Instruction to discuss David’s recently published book, Learning Analytics in Education. David explains what went into creating the book, which he Edited and Co-Authored, as the group takes a critical look at how to think about measurement and learning analytics our rapidly changing digital world. How should we think about learning analytics in a burgeoning sea of Big Data? What can be gleaned from new troves of clickstream data? We talk about how this new field has the potential to increase learner success through a deeper understanding of the academic, social-emotional, motivational, and meta-cognitive context each learner uniquely brings. In particular, we dig into the problem of persistence to explore how data and learning analytics can help inform motivational interventions and other tactics to reach learners at risk of dropping out of high school or college. Listen in to get a taste of the fascinating concepts covered in depth in David’s book Learning Analytics in Education. 

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