International Women’s Day 2018 – A Trending in Education Extra

On this extra edition of Trending In Education, we celebrate International Women’s Day. We welcome four inspiring women to discuss their education, careers, and experiences. We’re joined by Deborah Berebichez, Chief Data Scientist at Metis, Nancy Lee Sanchez, Executive Director for the Kaplan Educational Foundation, Esther Lee, Director of Program Development for Kaplan Test Prep’s Digital Media team, and Rochelle Rothstein, Executive Vice President, Innovation & Product Strategy at Kaplan Test Prep to talk about women, education, mentorship, access, and more. 00:55 – Deborah Berebichez with Mike Palmer & Brandon Jones 17:56 – Rochelle Rothstein with Dan Strafford 32:18 – Nancy Lee Sanchez & Esther Lee with Mike Palmer

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