In Case You Get Hit By a Bus with Abby Schneiderman and Gene Newman from Everplans

Abby Schneiderman and Gene Newman from Everplans join Mike to talk about their new book In Case You Get Hit By A Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You’re Not Around Later. We begin by getting the origin story of Everplans based on Abby’s experiences as a tech entrepreneur and as someone who faced unexpected challenges when her brother suddenly died at age 51. We learn how Abby and Adam Seifer, her Co-founder, created Everplans and how they brought in Gene to help write the book and begin to educate folks on how to navigate the difficult and complex challenges that emerge with the loss of a loved one.

We touch on emerging trends around digital estate planning, scenario-based thinking, and capturing the “softer side” of one’s legacy for families and friends to hold onto after your gone. With the massive shifts of thinking due to the pandemic, we also think through how planning mindsets are shifting and how much of the work the folks at Everplans are doing was ahead of trend and is now incredibly zeitgeisty as we begin to think about what a post-COVID world might look like.


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