Headspace monthly and annual plans are 50 percent off right now for Black Friday

Unlike doomscrolling on Twitter, the Headspace app can actually improve your mental state, and right now you can get a year of the service for half price. Their Black Friday sale is live and brings the annual plan down to $35 when you pay for one year up front. The monthly plan is on sale for $6.50 per month for your first 12 months. This discount is available to new and previous Headspace users, so you can renew at a lower-than-usual price.

Shop Headspace’s Black Friday sale

Originally launched as a meditation app, Headspace has grown to include stress relief, sleep guides, workouts and even an interactive Netflix experience. The audio and video guides can be broadly divided into the categories of sleep, mindfulness, mediation and stress, with exercises branching out from there to cover whatever your current situation might require.  

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep, there are guided meditations to help coax you back down. A daily video called The Wake Up combines breathing and inspiration for your morning. The app also offers fitness courses like yoga, guided runs and a 28-day movement and cardio course. There’s even help for things as specific as building a mindful home office and dealing with climate anxiety.


There are no shortage of mindfulness apps out there. Headspace has the advantage of a 12-year history and amassing more than 70 million downloads. They even made it a point to help New Yorkers and teens during the earlier waves of the pandemic. If you’ve been curious about checking out the app, the half-price Black Friday deal is a good time to make your move. 

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