Hacks, Heuristics, and the Power of Synchronous Learning with Stephen Kosslyn

Stephen Kosslyn joins Mike to explore the transformative power of synchronous learning as the world rapidly moves online. Countering the perception that online learning is asynchronous, Stephen outlines his experiences first as Dean at the Minerva Schools startup and most recently at Foundry College. In both cases, the curriculum and the technology that powers it is designed with synchronous and active learning as a central pillar in the instructional design.

Stephen explains the power of teaching hacks and heuristics to adult learners at Foundry with the goal of advancing them in their careers while preparing them for the future of work. Humans will continue to thrive doing meaningful work that leverages our unique ability to understand emotion and context in ways that won’t soon be automated. Foundry College exists to power this evolution.


It’s a fascinating discussion and we thank Stephen for his time and look forward to continuing the conversation in the future.

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