Generational Thinking and the Covid-19 Pandemic with Tarlin Ray

Mike is once again joined by Tarlin Ray to talk about generational zeitgeists in light of the coronavirus pandemic. As two GenXers, we wonder what the global pandemic means to the oft-forgotten, former latchkey kids of the 70s and 80s. Then we explore the challenges faced by Boomers and Millennials before shifting to the rising GenZ and “Alpha” generations.

What are the financial implications? Will this make generational differences seem more parochial and trivial as we all grapple with a shared, global experience? What are the educational implications and the impact to the workforce, organizational leaders, and hiring managers?


We explore all of this and once again thank the first responders and frontline workers in the worldwide battle against the virus.

Be safe and be well. And thank you for listening.

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