Gartner Hype Cycle 2019 – Trending in Education Extra

This week Mike and Dan are joined by old friend Brandon Jones to dive into the 2019 installation of the Gartner Hype Cycle. What’s emerging on the curve and what has disappeared? Is the Hype Cycle itself past the peak of inflated expectations? In addition to a hot take or two, the squad breaks down the five larger themes outlined in the 2019 edition of the Hype Cycle with some detail.

What are the implications of all of this to learning? How will the classrooms and learning environments of the future leverage these emerging technological advancements? And how does access and equity fit into the conversation? 


We explore all of this along with a few peaks of inflated expectations and troughs of disillusionment as we attempt to cut through the hype and get a read on where we’re heading as we begin to look ahead to the 2020s. 

Listen in and enjoy!

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