Gamevice Accepting Pre-Orders for New ‘Flex’ Gaming Controller for iPhone

Gamevice today announced that it is now accepting pre-orders for its latest gaming controller, the Gamevice Flex, which is designed to accommodate iPhones with cases of all sizes so there is no need to remove the case to play.

The two sides of the Flex pull apart so that an iPhone can be placed in the middle, and then it closes around the sides of the ‌iPhone‌ for a secure fit. There is a built-in Lightning port for the ‌iPhone‌ version that allows for a connection to the Gamevice app.

Gamevice designed the Flex with an Xbox controller layout, so it will be familiar to Xbox fans, plus the company says it has been created with enhanced ergonomics for more comfortable gameplay sessions. There are full-sized joysticks, hall effect triggers, a headphone jack, and a built-in Lightning connector for charging the ‌iPhone‌ though a passthrough USB-C port.

‌iPhone‌ users can play any game that supports gaming controllers with the Gamevice Flex.


The Gamevice Flex is available for pre-order as of today and it will launch on October 25. Preorders come with a free one-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.
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