Fire Emblem Engage’s story trailer introduces heroes old and new

Image: Nintendo

After the disappointment of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, I could not be more excited to engage (heh) with the next installment in the Fire Emblem series. This morning, Nintendo revealed the newest trailer for Fire Emblem Engage, sharing more of the story fans can expect when the game launches early next year.

In the story trailer, we were reintroduced to Alear, the protagonist whose entire aesthetic is reminiscent of the striped toothpastes of yesteryear. (In fact, the fandom has already dubbed them with the nickname Toothpaste-chan.) After a long slumber, Alear awakens to the world of Elyos, which has its long years of peace threatened by the return of the villainous Fell Dragon. To aid Alear in the fight, they’re given the task…


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