Exploring Conference and Podcasting Trends with Jenna Spinelle

Continuing our exploration of the New Normal for conferences in the Summer of 2021, Jenna Spinelle returns to the show to join host Mike Palmer to recount her experience attending Podcast Movement in Tennessee earlier this month. Jenna is one of the hosts of the Democracy Works podcast and the Founder of the Democracy Group network of civically-minded podcasts.

Jenna shares what the experience was like traveling to the conference and attending it live before we dig into her takeaways from the experience. What are some new and emerging trends in podcasting to keep an eye on as we lean into both near and far horizons? How should we think about audience development for indie podcasts and how does that interact with the increasing corporatization of the medium? As podcasts become increasingly narrow in their focus, how do we break out of filter bubbles to engage in genuine discourse and new discovery?


We cover all of this and even explore the power of JOMO in a thought-provoking conversation that you won’t want to miss.

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