Empowering Math Learners with an AI-Powered App with Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee is the Chief Growth Officer of Photomath, an AI=powered math app that’s been downloaded over 270 million times to help solve over a billion math problems each month. She joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about helping math learners feel empowered when faced with challenging math.

We explore what it’s like to work with a company with such a large and dynamic data ecosystem focused on math problem solving and how that is powering their AI platform. Jennifer shares some insights based on trends in the usage of Photomath. Along the way, we dig into the use case of photographing a math problem, frequently hand-drawn, and getting the solution through Photomath’s platform. How has this been used by students, teachers, and parents, especially in these challenging times? What might this tell us about how folks are thinking about the future of work?


We conclude with more of Jennifer’s takes on learning and the future of work along with her advice to folks looking for growth and advancement in their careers. It’s an engaging conversation on edTech, AI, and Math that you won’t want to miss.

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