Designing a Learning Platform for Early Childhood with Sunil Gunderia

Sunil Gunderia is Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Mastery & Adaptive Products at Age of Learning, the makers of early childhood learning products like ABC Mouse. Sunil joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about building a personalized learning platform ecosystem for early learners, parents, and educators.

We begin by hearing Sunil’s origin story including his formative stint with The Walt Disney Company before joining Age of Learning in 2013. From there we hear about the major problems we’re facing in the US with roughly two-thirds of our children performing below standards in fourth-grade reading and math and how Age of Learning is working to address this. We explore how cross-functional teams of teachers, game designers, data scientists, psychometricians, and more work in concert to build compelling learning experiences for children ages 3-8. We also hear how using an evidence-based approach to build out a research program is indicating positive outcomes, especially for children from families with the greatest need.


It’s a thoughtful exploration of designing a learning platform for early learners with an industry leader with deep expertise. Don’t miss it!

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