Design Thinking Insights into the Higher Ed Experience with Elliot Felix

Elliot Felix is an author, speaker, teacher, father, and consultant to more than a hundred colleges and universities. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about making the most out of higher education and his new book, How to Get the Most Out of College: 127 Ways to Make Connections, Make it Work for You, and Make a Difference.

We begin by hearing about his origins studying architecture and working in that capacity before founding his consultancy, brightspot strategy, now a Buro Happold Company. Elliot shares how he uses his background in design to make college work for all students by improving the spaces they’re in, the support services they rely on, and the technology they use.

In a wide-ranging conversation about user-centered design, innovation in learning spaces, and problems and opportunities in higher ed, we hear a few of Elliot’s 127 Tips on how to make the university experience into something meaningful and aligned with one’s goals and values.


It’s a next-level window into higher ed through the lens of design thinking that you won’t want to miss.

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