Dead Island 2 shows off gameplay in gory new showcase

Eight years since its initial unveiling and multiple delays later, Dead Island 2 is finally almost upon us – and ahead of its launch next April, publisher Deep Silver has shared more of its open-world, zombie-pulverising antics in a new digital showcase.

Those with itchy fast-forward fingers will be pleased to know the vast majority of Dead Island 2’s 15-minute showcase is taken up by largely uninformative live-action sequences, featuring a group of zombie apocalypse survivors as they stumble across a copy of Dead Island 2 in a fancy LA mansion. It’s entirely inessential fluff, but, tucked between all that, Deep Silver does manage to squeeze in a few minutes of gameplay.

Admittedly, there’s little that’s particularly revelatory in there – the publisher basically just used the time to reiterate the obvious fact you’ll mostly be maiming various zombie types gruesomely until they’re dead – but it did give us a decent new look at Dead Island 2’s appealingly sun-kissed gore, as well as a taste of its weapon roster, including hammers, machetes, bear claws, a “shit-tonne of guns”, and various makeshift tools of destruction.


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