Data Privacy, GDPR, and Learning

A Complex Nexus:

Melissa Griffith is back with Mike and Dan as we dive into the complex and highly relevant topic of data security and data privacy with special attention to the learning implications for consumers, brands, and educators. We focus on recent research from Pew and elsewhere that indicates that a majority of Americans don’t understand key terms and concepts in data privacy and cybersecurity.

You can read up more about this topic in a recent article by Nicole Lindsey from CPO Magazine:


Questions Covered in Today’s Show:

What is GDPR and why is it relevant? How do the different ways in which the US, China, and the EU address data privacy and data innovation set the stage for an emerging AI Race? Do private companies have a fiduciary responsibility to their customers to protect their data? Is government regulation the answer or will it stifle innovation? How does cybersecurity factor into the conversation? And what’s the best way to learn and develop emerging skills to help navigate all of this?

If you like spirited conversations from varied perspectives on topics like this, we think you’ll enjoy. Have a listen.

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