Creating an Audio-Based MCAT Course with Sam Smith and Carla Gillan

Sam Smith and Clara Gillan from MedSchoolCoach join host Mike Palmer to talk about the power of audio as a learning tool. Sam hosts the hugely popular MCAT Basics podcast and Clara heads up Product for MedSchoolCoach.

We hear of Sam’s humble beginnings in podcasting and how it and audio-based instruction has become a central component of the new MCAT Go product from MedSchoolCoach, which is designed as an Audio Learning Experience.

In what ways is audio superior to video and other formats? How have learning contexts changed due to the pandemic and how might audio microlearning fit into the new ecosystem? What are folks’ thoughts about AR/VR, AI, and immersive audio? Listen in to find out.


We even touch on the possibilities of Neuralink, VR observation of surgery, and AI cochlear implants in an imaginative exploration of learning through our ears.

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